Special Forces Holiday Safety Lesson...

"Holiday Crime is The Worst..."

Criminals know that you are not home or you have have nice new gifts! 

I am very capable of using my firearm and protecting my family but...

  1. What if don't have time to reach, load and discharge my weapon? 

  2. What if my wife and kids are there alone or we are not home?

  3. I am prepared to take someones life but would rather not.  Even if I'm justified, I know that it will change my life, and my kid's lives, forever

  4. Alarms make noise.  They do nothing if I'm away from home.

TIME is my most valuable asset in a Home Invasion  

Door Armor Gives me precious time to locate my firearm, assess the situation and act, if necessary


I know how to use my firearm.  I also understand all of the reasons why I don't want to use it defending my home..."  - Rory - Former Special Forces Officer


As Seen On Fox News!


Fox & Friends: Featured Product

Door Armor was recently featured by Skip Bedell on the Fox News show Fox & Friends.

Since 2004, Armor Concepts and Door Armor have been featured on just about every major news network and countless local news segments.


Why Do Police Recommend Door Armor?


Door Armor is a simple solution that Police recommend for gun owners because it:

  • Will insure that you have enough time to reach your firearm and plan your home defense

  • Actually stops intruders from ever entering

  •  Has been independently tested by police and many others

Since 2004, our door security products have been put to the test thousands of times. News teams, big bad guys (all seemingly named Bubba) and many others have believed that Door Armor would fail. This video is one of the best.  There are many fake videos on the Internet these days.  This video was made in 2012 and we had zero involvement in performing this test.  We actually didn't even know about it until weeks after.  The company that made this video set out to prove that it would fail.  See for yourself what happens...


Since 2004, Literally Thousands of Testimonials...


A Gun

Guns are great but a gun is your last option.  First, it takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to be in your house.  If I gave you 10 seconds, could you find your gun, load it and defend yourself.  Second, you need to be home to use your gun.  If your family is home alone, you and your gun probably aren't going to help them. Third, if you have never actually shot someone, it will change your life forever, even if you are justified.  Our solutions are meant to give you and your family time to call for help, find your gun or get out of the house.  There is no substitute for time.

A Dog

We love dogs!  And yes, a dog can be a great deterrent.  However, an experienced thief knows that a well placed steak or a well placed bullet is probably going to take care of your dog.  Yes, we know that YOUR dog is really, really well trained and will kill on command but keeping the intruder on the outside so your dog can wake up, bark and make them think twice is probably better than having them inside potentially hurting your best friend.

An Alarm

News Flash.  Your alarm does nothing to stop an intruder from entering your house!  Your alarm makes noise.  That is all it does.  Police response times in many communities are in excess of 40 minutes and is more than 20 minutes in most places.  Since more than 90% of home alarms are false, they are not at the top of police priority.  With that said, we think an alarm should be a part of your home security, if you can afford it.  Just make note that an alarm is your second line of defense, if someone is able to get inside.  Oh yeah, did we mention that alarms don't work until AFTER someone is in your house? 


We must be idiots!  How could we forget that houses have windows?  Thieves can easily break a window to get in, right?  Well, yes it is true (not the idiots part) that thieves can break windows to get into your house.  It is also true that it is much easier to get in through a door.  Breaking glass makes a lot more noise than kicking in a door and there is a much greater chance for thieves to get cut or caught coming in through a window.  That is why 85% of break-ins happen through a door.  If you still think it makes no sense to secure your doors because you have windows, we suggest leaving your doors open or unlocked.  We'd also suggest not fastening your seatbelt, brushing your teeth or eating vegetables.  

A Safe Neighborhood

Great!  That means you have something worth stealing!   Actually, while there was a time when living in a certain area meant virtual freedom from crime, that time has long passed.  Crime in rural America has increased significantly over the past several years and the past year of unrest has made many people understand the amount of instability that exists virtually everywhere.  If you don't believe that there is crime in your neighborhood, we suggest that you check out this site. is a site that will show you all of the crimes that have taken place around your neighborhood.  Yes, we were also surprised, the first time we looked.  Go ahead and check it out and then come back and see us. 

A House on A Mountain, Surrounded by a Moat.  My Walls Are Reinforced with Steel and I Have a Single Bank Vault for a Door.  My Windows are Rigged to Explode on Threat of Breach.

Nope.  You don't need this. 

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