Door Armor Protects Your Family...

When You're Not There

THE Standard In Door Security For More Than 15 Years...
Trusted By Police And Government Agencies...
More Than 400,000 Homes And Apartment Doors Secured
"If You Don't Have This On Your Doors, 
You Might As Well Just Leave Them Unlocked..."   - Dallas Police Officer
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What Is Door Armor?

We don’t sell doors.  Since 2004, we have created the world’s most effective door security and repair solutions. In other words,  Door Armor makes your existing doors more secure.

Door Armor , is a patented door security device system that reinforces the weak points on your existing doors.

Door Armor is  police tested & recommended and can be   installed yourself, using only a drill, in under 30 minutes (you don’t need to remove your door)

Patented 6 piece door security device system that reinforces the weakest points of a door and door frame

Nearly invisible once installed and powder coated to match existing trim and hardware

Save money on vandalism & improve Tenant retention

Less expensive and more effective than alternative means of property security

$500 Lifetime guarantee against kick-ins

Quick & easy to install in under 30 minutes

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  What Does "Home Security" Mean to You? 

Does knowing that someone is inside of your house make you feel secure? 

An alarm simply tells you that someone is inside. It does nothing to stop them. 

Intruders are Inside in Less Than 10 Seconds...

 It less than 10 seconds for an intruder to break into a home. How is that possible? Because kicking in your front door is incredibly easy.

85% of Burglars Enter Through A Door...

Kicking in a door is the easiest way to get into a home. Why? Because your door frame is made of thin, soft wood. 

Alarms Don't Stop Intruders...

Your alarm makes noise.  it does nothing to stop an intruder and it works after he  is inside. Average police response time to a home alarm is greater than 20 minutes. 

Why do Police Recommend Door Armor?

Since 2004, our security products for doors have been put to the test thousands of times. News teams, big bad guys (named Bubba) and others have all believed that our products would fail. The video below was not produced by us It was produced by an alarm company, that set out to prove that they could make Door Armor fail. See for yourself what happens...


$500 Lifetime Guarantee


60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Police Tested & Recommended

Customer Testimonials

Over the past 13 years, we have received thousands of customer testimonials. Below are just a few. Keeping your family or property safe is our only mission

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