It Costs more than $4,000 to Replace a Resident..

Let Us Help You Lower Your Maintenance Costs and Increase Retention


The video above was produced by a customer, who did not believe that Door Armor would work. Armor Concepts had no
involvement in this demonstration.

What Are Your Residents Worth?

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Safety is the #1 reason that residents site for moving. One break-in on a property can cause up to 4 residents to leave your community.  It costs more than $4,000 to turn a vacant unit.  Do The Math!

Door Armor is a cost effective way to protect residents from burglaries and domestic issues. Many communities install Door Armor on vacant units during turns, when they are most likely to be vandalized.

Our promise is that you will never spend more with us than we will save you.

We have multiple bulk pricing options that will make your purchasing decision easier.

Affordable method of improving resident retention and securing vacant units

$500 Lifetime Guarantee against kick-ins - If a resident leaves, due to a kick-in, we will pay you up to $500.

Nearly invisible once installed. Will not change the appearance of your community

Quick & easy to install in under 20 minutes

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What is Door Armor?


   Door Armor is a patented 3 or 5 piece system that reinforces the weakest points of a door and door frame

   $500 Lifetime Guarantee - If you ever lose a resident because of a kick-in, we will pay  you up to 500 (depending on kit purchased)

   Door Armor can easily be installed by your maintenance people in under 20 minutes

    Police have tested and recommend Door Armor

   Made from galvanized steel with a heat bonded powder coating. Door Armor will not rust

What Do Our Customers Think?

Since 2004, we have secured hundreds of apartment communities. The result is always the same. They believe they are spending money, until they realize how much they are saving. See what some of our customers have had to say about their experience.

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