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So…Why Are You Here?

The bad news -  You’re required to be here (and no one likes being told what to do)!

The good news -  We’re here to make this as easy and painless as possible.

Why Do You Have to Do This?

Break-ins have always been a big problem with vacant properties.Fannie Mae

realized that they could save a lot of money by securing those houses with Door Armor.

This page explains the products, when to use them, how to order them, and how they can help you grow your business.

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Available In White, Aged Bronze And Satin Nickel

Discount Price: $207.00

List Price: $276.00

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(4 PACK )Door Armor MAX Combo Set

Available In White, Aged Bronze And Satin Nickel

Discount Price: $252.00

List Price: $336.00


(4 PACK) Door Armor MINI Combo Set

Available in White, Aged Bronze and Satin Nickel

Discount Price: $192.00

List Price: $256.00

Why Fannie Requires Door Armor...

Since 2004, our products have been put to the test thousands of times. News teams, big bad guys (named Bubba) and others have all believed that our products would fail. The video below is one of the best. It was produced by an alarm company, that set out to show us how they could make Door Armor fail. See for yourself what happens...



   A 3 or 5 piece system that reinforces the weakest points of a door and door frame

   Easy to install in under 20 minutes


  Police tested and recommended

   Made from galvanized steel with a heat bonded powder coating (will not rust).


What Should You Do Now?

Fannie Mae requires that you use Door Armor to secure a previously vandalized house.

If you arrive at a home with a missing or kicked-in door, you should repair or replace the door or doorjamb per requirements, then secure the repaired door with the designated Door Armor MAX Combo Kit. You should then secure the other doors on the house with the Door Armor MINI Combo set.

Severely Vandalized Property

Door Armor MAX
Replace missing or irreparable doors, install a Door Armor MAX on each one

Door Armor MINI
Install Door Armor MINI on all other exterior doors
Exterior Door Needs to Be Replaced

Door Armor MAX
Replace the door, install Door Armor MAX on the new one

Door Armor MAX
Install Door Armor MINI on all other exterior doors
Repairing a Missing, Damaged, or Split Door Jamb

Door Armor MAX
Replace or repair the jamb and install a Door Armor MINI Combo

Door Armor MINI
Install Door Armor MINI on all other exterior doors
Detached Structure’s Door is Missing or Can’t Be Repaired

Door Armor MAX
Replace or repair the door and install Door Armor MAX on the new one

Is Door Armor Hard to Install?

The video below was actually produced by a customer. He does a good job of explaining installation and unboxing of the product so we feel like this is one of our best, most honest representations of installing Door Armor...


How Do You Order?

 You don’t need to spend a lot of money!

Follow these steps to order Door Armor at a 25% discount:

1. Get your Fannie Mae Discount Code from your National Vendor

2. Click HERE to go the ordering page -

3. Select items and quantities*

4. Enter your Fannie Mae Discount Code at checkout

*It’s recommended that you order enough to keep 2 or 3 Fannie Mae Bundles on hand. Your order will take 3-5 days to arrive, and vendors want jobs completed ASAP.


Need More

Use the buttons below to download more information or feel free to contact us with any additional questions:






Q: Why do I need to order 4 kits, when only one door has been kicked in?

A: Fannie Mae requires that every door on the first floor of a main structure be secured. If you only secure the damaged door, the vandals will kick in another door when they return - and you know they always do. The Fannie Mae Combo was created specifically to help you fulfill this requirement.​

Q: What if I still don't want to buy 4 kits?

A: That decision is yours to make - we're just trying to save you money. Our discount and free shipping kick in when you purchase a 4-pack or a minimum of $200, but you can always buy from our website without the discount or at many Lowe's and Menard's stores across the country.

Q: What if I service properties in Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii?

A: While we don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, if you live in one of these areas, please contact your National Vendor for ordering options and discounts available for ordering through Amazon.

How Can Armor Concepts Help Your Business?

Apartment owners, homeowners, and other single family rental owners all need protection. One benefit of being a partner with Armor Concepts is that you you get the same 25% discount on every order you place on

You can increase your profit and protect your customers with the best home security product on the market.

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